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Buying a Home in Nashik – Your Ticket to a Life of Comfort and Fulfilment

At first glance, the title might make you wonder as to what does buying a home in Nashik has to do with life being more comfortable and fulfilled. After all, a house is just a piece of concrete that is put together to protect you from nature’s extremities. However true that might be, the picture changes completely when one is referring to that piece of concrete and bricks in a place like Nashik.

Flats in Nashik

The city offers everything that any modern urban dweller might deem essential. It has an excellent road network and a well-oiled public transport system in place. Water supply has always been a plus point of the city with the humongous Gangapur Dam (along with five other reservoirs and dams) acting as an ample source of water for the city and its neighbouring districts and regions. Most new residential flats in Nashik offer easy access to amenities like swimming pools, cycling and jogging tracks, clubhouses and dedicated playground areas within the society premises. These factors have attracted scores of investors as well as relocating families and individuals who are looking to buy residential flats in Nashik.

One of the bigger concerns for any moving family is the presence of good educational facilities for their children. Over the years, many schools of note have set up their base in and around the city. Offering world class education, these schools and institutions have changed the very face of education in Nashik. A similar revolution has taken place in the higher education sector as well. From a handful of higher education institutes a couple of decades ago, Nashik is today home to more than a dozen engineering colleges alone. Institutes imparting professional courses in the streams of medicine, pharmacy, law, hospitality, business and the fine arts have mushroomed over the years as well.

Educational Hub in Nashik

The environment in which you live plays a huge role in determining the quality of your life. Nashik sports ample green cover and for a city of its size and population, boasts of extremely low levels of air pollution. The spiritual aspect is another strong point with it being famous for the KumbhMela, one of only four such venues in India for the mega festival.

pollution free nashik

All said and done, the biggest advantage of buying a home in Nashik is having more cash in hand to pursue your passions in life. Affordable flats in Nashik are available in almost all of its residential areas/suburbs and skimp out on none of the aforementioned public amenities.The average cost of such a flat varies in the range of Rs. 3000 to 4500 per square feet for most areas with only premium areas commanding a 20 to 30% premium over that price bracket.

buy flats in nashik

A complete range of public amenities, great schools and colleges, ample recreation options, redoubtable water supply and most importantly, an affordable price tag that doesn’t put too much pressure on your finances and allows you to enjoy the finer pleasures of life. Now that certainly qualifies as a comfortable and fulfilled life!