HUDA to launch new housing scheme for Gurgaon

The dream of owning a house in Gurgaon without burning a hole in on'es pocket might soon be fulfilled with the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) set to launch a new Group Housing Scheme for the city.
According to sources, in order to meet the growing demand for houses, around 1000 multi-storeyed dwelling units are expected to come up in various sectors of Gurgaon, tenders for which will be floated in two months.
"We have sent details like availability of land, expected cost and number of plots, to the headquarters in Chandigarh. The formalities will take a month or two and after that we will start inviting applications from eligible registered cooperative group housing societies and welfare housing organisations for the allotment of land," said Madhu Pradeep, senior town planner, HUDA.
Under the scheme, out of over 500 plots of half-acre each, a certain percentage will be reserved for the economically-weaker sections, central government employees and defence personnel, said HUDA officials.
"We haven't yet decided how much area will be reserved for such categories. The general category will include societies or welfare housing organisations comprising members who either belong to Haryana or are residents of Haryana or were working in the state or Chandigarh for the last one year," officials said.
The scheme envisages there should be a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 90 members for the group housing society.
HUDA will allot housing sites to cooperative group housing societies registered with the Registrar, Co-operative Societies, Haryana and the Welfare Housing Organisations registered with the Registrar (Firms and Societies). "There are both incentives and penalty clauses in the construction of flats. If the construction is completed within three years of the date of offer of possession, a rebate of 10 per cent on the price of land (adjustable towards the future instalments) shall be given. However, if construction is not completed within five years, an extension fee will be charged for the extended period.
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